AirOS is shipped with proprietary tools that can parse the configuration file and upgrade the antenna.


This tool can write and read data to the memory that persist between reboots.


This tool can parse the configuration and creates the init scripts that configure the device

rc scripts

This are not commands but a collection of scripts that orchestrate the configuration process. As they are stored on the antenna they can be modified to obtain different behaviours.

  • update scripts are stored in /usr/local/rc.d
  • module list is stored in /etc/startup.list

The update process is orchestrated by the /usr/local/rc.d/ script.


AirOS mantains the device configuration in two files, both can be found in /tmp.

  • /tmp/system.cfg the target configuration
  • /tmp/running.cfg the running configuration

If we want to upgrade the device configuration with our file we can overwrite the target configuration and runt the commands cfgmtd -w and /usr/local/rc.d/ save

Full transcript of the update processs

cp /path/to/my/config.cfg /tmp/system.cfg
# writes the configuration to the persistent memory
cfgmtd -w /tmp/system.cfg
# initiate the configuration update
/usr/local/rc.d/ save